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My Music

My songs come from personal experiences,  and also from a consciousness  I don’t understand.  I  thank those I work with in my office, aside from friends and family.   Any attempt at healing involves resonating with others.  When attained, that resonance enriches my world. These songs can also be downloaded at

When My Heart Shuts Down


This summer, I worked 3 weeks in a Nebraska hospital and was moved by the people I met. I wrote this song during the 20 hour drive home.

Download  “When My Heart Shuts Down.”

Take My Time This song started  from job stress, but grew to something else.

Download Take My Time:

Pass The Cup

Power may invite our blame.  Brutality is an easy blame.  But we grow ourselves by the choices we make.  And where we go, this world we’ll take.

Download “Pass the Cup”

Lessons from the Skies

We need folk songs for today – to remind us how our nature and Nature guide, inspire our lives. Our talk is mere reassurance that we are calling the shots.

Download  “Lessons From the Skies”



The first time I sung “Spookwalk,” a song about prejudice, was at an Offering in Southern India.  People from different backgrounds were kind enough to share their reactions.  That experience gave me the encouragement  that I should continue to make this music happen.

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