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Doc, Is This Normal?

Soul on the Sick List Blog started 6 months ago. This second, and certainly delayed post relates to getting Soul back into Psychiatry. What follows is my take on a frequent question, “Doc, Am I normal?” Here is my small attempt to answer this question from a more Soul-Based Psychiatry. If Soul brings up negative feelings about religion, then substitute the word “Psyche.” Peggy Finston MD

The World has changed for me. I see shutters where windows used to be.

What’s going on? A generation ago, Mt. St Helen’s eruption or Bhopal chemical explosion defined a decade.  But in 2010, if we were fortunate, we only made screen-contact with a string of catastrophes.  On some days, you take this in by pretending the news is a miniseries disaster- flick. Who needs Hollywood? But Detachment is a short-acting […]

Get Soul Off the Sick List Blog: One Psychiatrist’s View

This Blog deals with Soul/Psychiatry Issues.  Some quake at the word Soul because of negative religious experiences. If you can put that aside, today Soul  is thought to be an energetic part of ourselves. Also, you can always substitute the word “Psyche,” which sounds more in keeping with Conventional Culture and Medicine. The main point […]